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Rescheduled AGM

January 11, 2022

2022 AGM & Plan

Thank you for waiting while the Board took in feedback and responses to the November 20th planned AGM.

We have a simple proposal for moving the business of the Association forward.

Between now and February 02, 2022, the Board and Staff will continue to work on organizational clarity, sorting through policy and procedure documents, past motions, and current practice to find a baseline.

The Board will seek to fill vacant positions and if successful, will ask the membership to ratify those appointments during the voting period post Feb 02, 2022 meeting.

Staff will also focus on the membership renewal campaign starting January 01, 2022.

New Year Celebrations

There will be a re-do of the CASLI 2021 AGM on Feb 02 (Wednesday) 2022 on the Zoom meeting platform.  The meeting will be two (2) hours long starting at 4PM PT/5PM MT/6PM CT/ 7PM ET/ 8PM AT/ 8:30 in NFLD.  The meeting will consist of the traditional blend of Board and member-created motions.  There will be no voting during the AGM.

All motions will be provided in both English and ASL by the mover/seconder of the motion to be put on the website at the close of the in-person portion of the AGM.  Motions will be uploaded to casli.ca by the staff and webhost within 24 hours of the close of the AGM.

Members will access the voting platform by logging in to the members only section of the casli.ca website.  Instructions will be provided in the lead up to the meeting as well as in the members only section of the website.   Voting will close on Feb 09 2022 at 6PM PT/7PM MT/ 8PM CT/9PM ET/10PM AT/10:30PM NFLD.

Quorum will be determined following the percentages laid out in the Bylaws for voting, and simple majority will decide each motion.  Voting results will be announced to the membership on Feb 11, 2022.

The Board recognizes that the traditional process of meeting and voting in real time together is the process in the Bylaws.  Past attempts at having a real time online AGM have shown the fallibility of technology, and the Board suggests that the members only section of CASLI.ca is the best and most cost-effective way to house further online voting until such time as an in-person AGM can be hosted equitably.


The Board asks for the members support in moving to this type of voting system for this AGM, as well as into the future, either as a temporary solution or – if successful, a more permanent one.

February 02, 2022 was chosen in an effort to move the AGM away from the weekend out of respect for members’ religious and family commitments.

Guide to the AGM Day

November 17, 2021

Zoom Features & Support

To help everyone navigate the AGM together, the Guide to the AGM Day section be the main resource.

When joining, it will be important for quorum for attendees to identify themselves as either a voting member, non-voting member or guest. Use this format: First Last Name (Member/Guest) Class (if applicable).


For example,

  • Linus Patterson (Member) Class A

  • Hank Furi (Guest)

  • Gucci Chalifoux (Member) Class B

change name1.jpg
change name2.jpg
Thursday Reminder.png
change name3.jpg

The features used in Zoom will be:

  • Raise Hand

  • Spotlight

  • Polls

Members will be responsible for selecting the Raise Hand feature when they would like to add to the discussion. We will queue people to the floor and announce your name when we are ready to Spotlight you. When you turn on your camera, we will Spotlight you. It is a generally good idea to wait a few seconds before you begin your comments. This allows time for your video feed to show up on everyone's screen.

Except for during the land acknowledgement, Chat & Q+A will be deactivated for the AGM. If you run into a tech problem, you will be able to submit a ticket through an online form. A volunteer will be responding to those who submit a ticket.

Ten minutes has been allotted for voting. Because the Chat & Q+A features will be off, we will put up a Poll after voting begins and the links (to individual & proxy ballots) have been shared. Members will have the opportunity to let us know if they are finished voting or need more time.

More Content

November 14, 2021

Timeline & 2020 AGM Minutes


An approximate timeline has been added to the Agenda & Documents section. Check it out to get a sense of how the meeting will proceed. The 2020 AGM Minutes are also available for you to review.

CASLI 2021 AGM Timeline(2).png

Voting Procedure

November 12, 2021

Your (Attendee) Individual Votes


Your own vote will be done through CASLI.ca. When voting begins, attendees will see a link to begin voting on the motion. Simply select your response to the motion and submit it. Only active members will have access to the ballots through this site. 

Tip: log into your CASLI account before voting to save time when it is time to vote. 

Holding Proxy Votes?

The platform for submitting proxy votes is separate from your individual vote. Before the AGM, those holding proxy votes will be emailed a voter ID. Anyone can take an opportunity to preview the process

Entering your email address on the form is optional. If you wish to receive a confirmation email with a copy of the votes you submitted, please enter your email address.

Register Today!

November 10, 2021

Voting Attendees

Members who plan to attend the AGM will need to register in two places. The CASLI website will be used to cast individual votes and Zoom Webinar will be used to conduct discussions.

Absentee Voters


Simply register your absentee ballot and assign someone to cast your votes. 

Guests & Non-Voting Members

Register for the Zoom Webinar. Registering via the CASLI website is optional.


Voting Members Registration

November 8, 2021

If you are voting member attending the AGM, please remember to register in two places:

  • CASLI Website (to vote)

  • Zoom Webinar (to join the AGM)

We are balancing safety and simplicity, which means multiple platforms that are not integrated with each other.

All Attendees: Guests & Members

To join the Zoom Webinar, please complete the form. You will be emailed a link to join the AGM. Hang onto this email -- you will need it on November 20th to join the AGM.

Attending Voting Members

Voting will be done via the new website (CASLI.ca) and will be visible on November 20 to those who have signed up via the website. This will be for your individual vote.


Proxy voting will be done through a separate platform.

Two Pens


October 31, 2021

Registration for the 2021 AGM is simple. For members, log into your account at CASLI.ca to register for the AGM.

Guests, simply enter your email on the event page at CASLI.ca.

Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email.


From the Board President

October 30, 2021

I am learning to accompany my days with a phrase: deep breath in, deep breath out - we’ve got this…together!


As we come up to another CASLI online AGM, I am hoping that breathing in and out will give us all the space that we need to be able to attend to what is shared and enjoy the presence of other interpreters as we gather online.


February of 2021 was the first Board meeting after the 2020 AGM. At this meeting, the outgoing Board provided information to the incoming Board. Since that time, this Board has been learning and growing and meeting with members and non-members alike.


Interpreters have shown up time and time again, passionate about ethics, accountability, and skill. Concerns have been shared. Past hurts have been mentioned. Values have been emphasized.


The Board has learned from every interaction.


And what we have learned is that it is time for CASLI to take a deep breath in, then out. Then pause to begin the healing work that is so desperately needed.


For the 2021 AGM - we will not be accepting motions from the floor as there are several important issues at play that need robust discussion with and decision making by the members.


Some of these discussions have been years in the making. Some are new.


COVID-19 broke into our processes and created disruption. The anthropause gave all Canadians the opportunity to reflect on the happenings of the previous year(s) and on the current state of the world and for our members, that included reflecting on interpreting as a profession in Canada. The 21+ months of COVID lockdowns, re-openings, and changes did not allow for CASLI to operate in the manner it normally would, and that has given us the lens we needed to see that much of what CASLI has been doing and maintaining needs to be refreshed.

Revitalisation can get underway at the 2021 AGM on Nov 20th, 2021. The revitalization process is not fully realized yet, but will begin with bringing forward plans from the past to implement in the present (PCRP and CES reviews) and will continue with input from our communities. Revitalisation will require the engagement of interpreters, community members, and others as we walk into the future - grounded, cohesive, better - TOGETHER.


Please watch your email for the AGM package coming out later today. The information will also be available on www.casliagm.com.


With gratitude,

Jessica Siegers, COI, MBTL

Creative Thoughts

AGM Package & Website

October 30, 2021

Hello CASLI, The 2021 AGM package and website are ready & live! Peruse and share with your colleagues. The website will be updated with new information, including voting details and answers to burning questions. 


We are looking forward to seeing you on November 20!

CASLI AGM 2021.png