Nominations (2022 Board of Directors)

Role of the Board

The CASLI Board of Directors represents the views of the membership when deciding on policies/motions and their positions on issues. The Directors, individually and as a group, are accountable to the members of CASLI. Serving as a director is a fulfilling role that allows for incredible professional growth and opportunities to further the direction of the profession and association.

The Board

The Board of Directors is comprised of CASLI members in good standing who act as Officers or Directors. The Officers, who have specific portfolios and sometimes referred to as the Executive Board, are:

  • President;

  • Past President;

  • First Vice President;

  • Second Vice President;

  • Treasurer;

  • Secretary; and

  • Evaluations Director;

The Officers and up to seven (7) Directors (formerly titled Member at Large) make up the board. Each individual serves a minimum of one two-year term in a position.

Board members are expected to:

  • Be an Active member in good standing;

  • Contribute as effectively as possible;

  • Attend each Board of Directors meeting;

  • Represent CASLI in a respectful manner;

  • Liaise with at least one committee;

  • Prepare reports and present them as required;

  • Participate actively in Board, Committee and related meetings;

  • Make an effort to attend special events and functions; and

  • Follow all ethical and moral standards avoiding or identifying any and all conflicts of interest.

Current Vacancies