Using Zoom for the AGM

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Does technology make our lives easier? We can save that discussion until after the AGM. We have identified specific aspects of the AGM to make the meeting run efficiently. 

Identifying Yourself

Please rename yourself using the following format:

  • (Class, Affiliate Chapter*) Name

*Affiliate Chapter is optional.


  • (A) Laura Patterson

  • (B, NAVLI) Alice Cooper

  • (C, MAVLI) Aldous Huxley

  • (Guest) Joan Deere

By having each participant identified, the whole AGM will be made more efficient.


The Chat feature will be deactivated during the meeting, with one exception: the land acknowledgement. We encourage you to type the names of specific people you would like to recognize. Please note that these names may not be announced, but they will be collected for future meetings.


The Q&A feature will be used to queue to the floor (to speak to a topic). If you would like to add to the discussion, type this in the Q&A:

  1. What you would like to do (e.g., discuss for or against the motion, suspend the rules, amend the motion); and

  2. Language (ASL or English). If no language is identified, the language assumed to be ASL.

When you have been spotlighted, please wait a few seconds before you begin your comments. This will allow all participants to adjust their focus to the speaker.

Incidental or Subsidiary Motions

There are some actions that can be done at any time. To indicate an incidental or subsidiary motion, either:

  • Use the raise hand feature. You will be spotlighted; or

  • Type in the Q&A using the same format used for discussions.


Voting will be done using ElectionBuddy. Sunday morning, each member will be emailed (and SMS if you entered your mobile number) a unique access ID and key with a link to access the ElectionBuddy landing page for the CASLI AGM. Detailed voting processes will be delivered to your email inbox tomorrow, or you can see them online today at

If you leave the meeting or are attending for part of the meeting, you may give your ElectionBuddy access ID and key to another a voting member. 

If a voting member asks you to vote for them and you are using their access ID & key, log into ElectionBuddy with an incognito or private browser so cookies (i.e., the access ID and keys that are saved so you have to log in just once) are not shared between the open browsers.

Please remember to register or submit your proxy vote!

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