October 19, 2020

Robert's Rules & the AGM

Download a PDF of the image here

With less than one week until the AGM, stay tuned to emails from CASLI with information about procedures, approximate schedule, using Zoom, and voting with ElectionBuddy.

Traditionally, CASLI uses Robert's Rules of Order to conduct meetings. Parliamentarian Mr. Mark Apodaca will be at the meeting to provide guidance to the chair and Board of Directors when needed. To act as an introduction or review of Robert's Rules of Order, read the document attached to this email. General instructions, steps of a motion, and common actions are outlined in the document. These are limited to common actions that happen during an AGM. During the introduction of the AGM, Mr. Apodaca will give a brief explanation of the rules.

This document (and more) can be found at www.casliagm.com. Tomorrow's email will include details about the approximate schedule for the AGM.

Please remember to complete your registration or submit your proxy vote!