Registration & Voting


Registration for this year’s AGM is now open! Please follow the link in your email that you received on July 30, 2020 from CASLI. Once you fill out the required information, you will receive a confirmation to your email with an individual invitation link to join the AGM Zoom Webinar on Saturday, August 15, 2020. This link is unique to you; please do not share it with others. 

The AGM will be conducted in American Sign Language.  If you require spoken English interpretation, please contact Dave Bell-Patterson at before Friday, August 7, 2020. 



Throughout the course of the AGM, voting will be done in two ways. (Information on proxies follows.) 

Procedural motions – motion to approve of the agenda, motion to limit debate, motion to approve 2019 Annual General Meeting minutes, motion to adjourn – will be done using Zoom polls.  These show an accurate count and distribution of votes cast.  Proxy holders will be moved into separate break-out rooms specific to the number of proxies they carry, and non-voting members will be moved into another break-out room so as to ensure voting is accurate and valid. 

New Business motions and Elections to the 2020-2022 board will use ElectionBuddy (, which ensures election integrity, allows for proxy voting, and shows an accurate count and distribution of votes cast. This platform offers secure, real-time voting over email and SMS text messaging. 

Please note: While student members (Class B members) do not normally have voting rights at general meetings, the motion to repeal and replace CASLI bylaws* invokes the Canada Not For Profit Act** taking precedence over our current bylaws and thereby grants voting rights to student members for this particular motion. Because the motion affects this class of membership, these class members are guaranteed the right to vote on it. Students are therefore encouraged to register for the AGM or submit a proxy accordingly. 

*See the for the full motion 

**CNFPA Section 199(1) and 199(2) 

Visit for all motions, updates, and reports submitted for consideration. New items are added as they become available for review. 



As per our bylaws, proxies must be submitted no later than nine (9) days prior to the date of the AGM.  Starting today, proxies should be submitted up until Wednesday, August 5, 2020.   

To submit your proxy, click here

Please contact Dave Bell-Patterson at with any question you might have around this year’s AGM. We’re looking forward to an effective and efficient meeting.  See you on August 15, 2020! 

Thank you, 

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