Online Elections FAQ

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Hello CASLI,

The goal of this email is to outline the voting process and schedule. December 9 to December 11, you will be electing the CASLI Board of Directors for the 2020-2022 term. Motions remaining from the AGM agenda have been tabled until 2021. Please find time to vote for the CASLI Board of Directors during this 72-hour/3-day time frame. The main point of contact for the voting process is Laura Patterson. You can email with any questions.

ASL Version

In advance, I apologize for the quality of the ASL version. It is not my best work. If one becomes available, an improved version of it will be posted at

Voting Period

  • Voting Opens: Wednesday, December 9, 11 am MT

  • Voting Closes: Friday, December 11, 11 am MT

For your local time, see


Results of the elections will be announced on Monday, December 14.

Where to Vote

The official voting form can be found at The first page of the form is to collect voter information. This is where you will enter the voter ID code. You should have received this code on Monday, December 7, 2020. Search your email for an email with the subject “CASLI Board of Directors, Voting Details & ID” from If you still cannot find the email, email any board member who will be able to locate your code.

Voting Process

You can sample the voting process by going to and finding the sample vote form. Watch this video for a walkthrough. Video:

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