CASLI 2020 AGM Updates

Dear CASLI, 

Planning for the CASLI AGM has resumed! Thank you to the members who have reached out to the board. Your morale is much appreciated. We have some information about the upcoming AGM:

Nominations are being accepted. Please note that all nominations made prior to and since the August AGM will be honoured.

Click here to submit a self-nomination

Click here to nominate a colleague

There is no need to re-submit a motion; motions that were submitted for the August meeting have been added to the agenda. New motions are being accepted and there will be an opportunity to submit new motions during the AGM. Please email if you would like to add a motion or you do not see a previously submitted motion on the AGM website.

We will ask people to register. Please watch your email for instructions.

Proxy Vote
A new proxy must be submitted for the October AGM. Please be sure to submit your absentee voter form if you are unable to attend the AGM. Absentee votes submitted for the August 15, 2020 AGM will not be honoured for the October 25, 2020 AGM.

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