Call for Nominations:
Board of Directors 2020-2022

Hello CASLI,

ASL message:

This year’s AGM is unique is many ways, including holding elections for the 2020-2022 CASLI Board entirely online.  All positions on the board are open for election:

  • President

  • First Vice-President

  • Second Vice-President

  • Past President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • First Director

  • Second Director

  • Evaluations Officer

Here is the link to the descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of each portfolio:

To run for the board, you must be an Active member in good standing.

We are a diverse membership with diverse lived experiences.  Our board should be reflective of this. We hope you will consider joining the board to effect change. We look forward to the energy you will bring to the next board of directors.


Nominate Colleague

Alternatively, you can visit to submit a nomination.

Please submit nominations by Monday, August 10, 2020, with information in both ASL and English. Nominations should include a short biography as well as speak to why you want to join the board, your experience, and the goals you have for our association (your platform).

Nominations can still be received after August 10, right up till and during the AGM (nominations from the floor, during Elections). However, nominations received after August 10, 2020, will not be uploaded to the AGM website due to time constraints and volunteer availability.

Our electoral process welcomes multiple candidates to each position.  That being said, where only one candidate is nominated for a given position, they will be elected by acclamation.  And, following our bylaws, if no successor is elected to a given position, the incumbent will continue in that role until the next election or their resignation.

*Bylaw 4.5:

Again, we look forward to the energies you will bring to our next board!

Thank you,

AGM Planning Team

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