AGM Day Guide

Tech Help

Submit a ticket to get tech support. Someone will be in contact to help you. Click the image below or use this link.

We strongly recommend using a laptop or desktop to join the meeting. Those who use a mobile device or tablet may find the meeting process to be burdensome.


A general timeline is available. As always, it is subject to change. Based on previous meetings, there will be approximately fifteen (15) minutes allotted for voting.

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Robert's Rules of Order

CASLI uses Robert's Rules of Order to conduct business meetings. We have a simplified guide to the most common processes.

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Welcome Slides

Looking for the slides that were circulating at the start of the AGM? Click the image below.

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Voting Process

User-friendly platforms will be used for submitted votes. Individual votes & proxy votes will be done through separate sites.

Tip: Only members will have access to view and vote on motions. Log in to your CASLI member profile ( before voting begins to speed up your voting time.

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Zoom Help

The best place to find help with navigating Zoom is through its own website. Here are some links to some common issues.

Levitating Objects

Use this section as your guide to navigating the AGM. You will find useful information, like the form to submit tech issues, the slides that will circulate before the AGM, a general timeline, an outline of the voting process, and a simplified version of meeting protocol.