Hello CASLI! This year we have sailed many uncharted waters and have come out on the other side having learnt many lessons, recognized missteps, and corrected our sails. This year's Annual General Meeting will bring forth change, bring on a new board, and continue moving us in the right direction.

For the first time, the AGM will be held entirely online. We will come together to conduct business and elect our 2020-2022 CASLI Board of Directors.


A Virtual AGM

This year our AGM will be held entirely online for the first time. We will be meeting over Zoom Webinar to allow all members to participate during the meeting.  Once again, we are thankful to Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) for their support with technology, allowing us to use make use of their resources (human and technological) to ensure our focus can be on business at hand rather than managing technology.

Annual General Meeting

Each member will register to join the online Zoom webinar using their name and e-mail address on file with CASLI. In line with our bylaws, this will allow members the opportunity to participate during the meeting. The email confirmation will include the link to join the Zoom webinar.

In an attempt to ensure the AGM business completed in a fair manner, the AGM discussions and voting will be held over a series of days. We are finalizing details on AGM processes, including voting platforms (and voting by proxy), and queuing people to the floor.

Stay tuned for more information to be shared.

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To give time for members to review motions, we ask that they be submitted by October 18 to be uploaded to the AGM website by October 20. 

Motions should be submitted to mal1@casli.ca in both ASL and English. (YouTube links and MS Word documents are preferred).

Motions may still be submitted after October 18. However, after this date please email President, and Vice President to ensure these motions are added to the agenda. On the day of the AGM, please bring agenda items to the table when the call for New Business is made.

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Nominations: Board of Directors


We are a diverse membership with diverse lived experiences. Our board should be reflective of this. We hope you will consider joining the board to effect change. 

All positions are open for nominations. You must be an Active member in good standing to run for the board.

We look forward to the energy you will bring to the next board!

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