Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Online Class


Hello CASLI! The past year has been another one of learning to ride the waves of life. We look forward to meeting for another virtual AGM with lively discussions. Your engagement is foundational to the success of CASLI to support members and communities.


As members, we believe it is important to convene, discuss, and share ideas. For the second time, the AGM will be held entirely online. We will come together to conduct business on November 20, 2021 (time to be announced).

Check here regularly to updated with the latest regarding the AGM. Please take note of important details about the agenda, platform, and what you should know beforehand.

A Virtual AGM

This year our AGM will be held entirely online for the first time. We will be meeting over Zoom Webinar to allow all members to participate during the meeting.  Once again, we are thankful to Canadian Hearing Services (CHS) for their support with technology, allowing us to use make use of their resources (human and technological) to ensure our focus can be on business at hand rather than managing technology.

Behind the Scenes

Each member will register to join the online Zoom webinar using their name and e-mail address on file with CASLI. By logging into, members can easily register to attend the AGM. In line with our bylaws, this will allow members the opportunity to participate during the meeting. Once the platform details are set, those who register will receive a link to join the Zoom Webinar.

We are working to finalize details on AGM processes, including voting platforms (& voting by proxy), discussions and queuing, and other logistics.

Check here regularly for the newest information.

Motions & Agenda

We are updating the agenda. Do you have new business to add? Email to discuss additional items.

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AGM Planning Team & Board

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